At Motion Developement we take your privacy seriously and like to protect you. Here is a list on how we store you data and why.

(1) What we store

Motion Developement stores the following data when you visit the site: 4 Cookies that contain session data, your IP address, pages you visit.
We collect the following data with your account: Password, email, username and a API key.

(2) How we store it

All your account data like you email and password are stored encrypted, meaning that if a human looks at it the don't know what it means but computed know how to read it ONLY if they got permission to it. Permission is granded with your password. And you provide your password when you login so just your session will have access to the information for 90 days.

(3) Rate limits

We store your IP address to avoid raids / abuse on the site. You agree that we log the pages you visit in case you are up to something.